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ACT – By FES – Under license for the UK and Ireland to Cables Britain Limited.


ACT technology was designed to automatically stop fires at source by using Nano Physics.
This new innovation is scientifically brilliant yet in practice is a simple and effective way of protecting the asset.

The uses of the PyroCord and PyroSticker are infinite.
They can simply be placed anywhere where there is an IP 20 or above rating enclosure
Totally flooded system.

The product can remain inactive for up to 5 years from manufacture but remains in standby mode until a predetermined temperature is reached and the sticker 120oC the cord 160oC will automatically extinguish the flame. This fire will not reignite.

Today various composite materials have been created by AСT technology capable of suppressing fires. The structure of such materials includes microcapsules with fire retardant agent – Novec 1230 confined inside.

When heated to a preset temperature, the shell of capsule bursts, discharging the extinguishing agent. Extinguishing occurs immediately, as the radical chain of the burning process break and instantaneously stop the fire.


The technology of microencapsulation is well-known and widely used in many industries. ACT technology is the first ever example of microencapsulation technique applied in the field of fire extinguishing.

Inside of all of the ACT based products there are tens of thousands of microcapsules that store fire extinguishing agent and ensure fire suppression when the temperature they are designed for is reached.

The polymeric shell of microcapsules retains the fire retardant compound in working order for many years and destructs strictly on reaching the set temperature, releasing fire suppression agent and making each individual microcapsule a micro stand alone fire suppression device.

Several Solutions

AСT technology allows creation of highly effective multi-purpose stand alone fire extinguishing compounds and materials. Fire extinguishing sticker and cord composites made using AСT technology applied in many industries worldwide.

Any product or a composite material created with application of ACT technology represents a technological breakthrough unmatched in world practice of fire suppression.

Voltage Rating

The breakdown voltage of Novec 1230 fluid is 48kv, therefore the Patch and Cord can be used in LV and MV systems upto 33kv.

Reaction Time

Reaction Time

5 to 30 Seconds



PyroSticker 120°C
PyroCord 160°C



No maintenance required



60 Months

Ambient Temperature

Ambient Temperature

-50oC to +80oC



PyroSticker up to 25 dm3
PyroCord up to 2000 dm3

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

Novec 1230 Cleanest agent




IP Rating

IP Rating

IP 20 or above

Fire Classes

Fire Class A

Class A

Combustible materials

Fire Class B

Class B

Flammable liquids

Formerly Class E

Formerly Class E

Electrical fire


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Pyro Cord and Pyro Sticker Uses

  • Airports
  • Data Communication Centres
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Railway Stations
  • Public Address Systems
  • Shopping Centres
  • Theatres and Cinemas
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Undergrounds and Tunnels

Key Benefits

  • Entirely Autonomous
  • Fastest Reaction Time
  • Most Cost Effective
  • Simplest Installation
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Zero global warming potential
  • Cleanest extinguishing agent (NOVEC 1230)
  • Environmentally friendly (ODP = 0)
  • Installation by approved certified contractors
  • No maintenance needed
  • No possible defect
  • No need of human intervention
  • No reduction of oxygen levels
  • Reduction of damage to the protected equipment
  • Use of Nano technology

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