Cables Britain Limited

Specialist cable experts with a proven ability to supply cables for all kinds of projects across the UK/around the world.

From power station projects to digital TV, security systems to fireproof cabling…. we’ll supply cables for just about any application you can think of. And all from one central location in the UK West Midlands.

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Customer Service

At CBL we measure success by the satisfaction of our customers.

We deliver a level of service that provides customers with the confidence to make timely, accurate and informed decisions based on clear, reliable information and technical advice.

We recognise that the needs of our customers vary in the different sectors of the cable markets in which we operate and structure our teams accordingly.

Our customers are provided with experienced coordinators who understand specific market segments and want to build long-term, relationships that will thrive based on excellent customer care and consideration.

We have experience working with customer specififc real time data information portals and adhere to ever changing global legislative requirements.

As a business we strive for a measure of quality and service that nears perfection. Our goal at all times is to provide a trustworthy, high quality service first time, every time.

Supplier Standards & Managing Risks

We want our relationships with suppliers to be long-term and mutually-beneficial. Strong relationships help us effectively manage risk and remain an efficient, successful business. We work with suppliers who possess excellent Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety credentials.

CBL establishes the basic principles that we expect from our suppliers, we communicate in a clear and understandable way the fundamental principles of ethical and sustainable business practices set out in our requirements. All CBL suppliers must comply regardless of location or size. Our supplier requirements are based on international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, enforced through contractual agreements and verified by assessments.

New suppliers are requested to conduct a self-assessment in regards to our supplier requirements. This provides us with an indication of the supplier’s own understanding of their compliance level before conducting an on-site assessment. In addition to these self-assessments, we use web-based risk assessment tools ( to get an indication of potential environmental, ethical, health and safety and labour risks in regards to the industry, countries and operations of the supplier.

Regular on-site assessments of supplier sites are one of the tools we use to monitor supplier compliance with our supplier requirements. Such assessment provides us with a snapshot of a supplier’s performance, which we use as a basis for understanding the root causes of any non-compliance, and for driving corrective actions. We also conduct environmental and ethical in-depth assessments where we review a large amount of a supplier’s policies, procedures and documents.

We inspect the manufacturing facilities – including dormitories, health clinic and canteen, and interview senior management and facility workers. The above assessment informs our purchasing decisions, ensuring that the most capable supplier is selected for a given project.