Bespoke Cables

Our minimum manufacture levels are surprisingly small and lead times shorter than most.

What’s more, the design can come from you – our client – via your own unique drawings or be produced in-house by our technical department.

Typically We Offer:

  1. STANDARDS: Any cables to European, British or American standards.

  2. CONDUCTOR TYPES: Copper, Aluminium or Fibre

  3. INSULATION MATERIAL: XLPE, PVC (including low smoke zero halogen styles), Polyurethane, Polyolifine (LDPE or HDPE), FEP, MFA, ETFE, PTFE, EPR, Neoprene or Kapton.

  4. SCREENING: Aluminium Mylar Tape (OAT or IAT), Tinned Copper Wire Braid (TCWB).

  5. ARMOURING: Galavanised Steel Wire Braid (GSWB), Galvanised Steel Wire Armour (GSWA), Steel Tape Armour (STA).

  6. BARRIERS: Moisture Barrier (MB), Lead Covering (LC), Rodent Resistant (RR).

Get In Touch

For more information, or to tell us what spec you need, don’t hesitate to call us on 0121 508 6890 or Contact Us Here.

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