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Cable Construction

ConductorClass 1 Solid Annealed Copper Conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360) resistance to CW Specification
InsulationCEL-PE (Cellular Polyethylene)
BeddingClupak Paper Tape (with rip cord)
FillerPetroleum Jelly
SheathPE (Polyethylene)

CW1128 1/0.5 PJ Filled Unarmoured

No. of PairsNominal Diameter of Conductors mm²Pair ConfigurationNominal Overall Diameter mmNominal Weight kg/km
20.51 Quad7.550
50.51 x 5 Pairs853
100.51 x 10 Pairs9.579
200.54 x 5 Pairs12141
500.55 x 10 Pairs16.5310
1000.510 x 10 Pairs22578

Electrical Characteristics
CW1128 1/0.5 PJ Filled Unamoured
Nominal Diameter of Conductors mmMaximum Resistance of Conductor at 20°C ohms/kmMinimum Insulation Resistance at 20°C Mohms/kmMaximum Mutual Capacitance nF/km