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Industrial and commercial fires in the UK are a reoccurring and constant threat to both the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of people and businesses. From 2010-2015 it was estimated that £1 billion was lost to the UK economy as a direct impact of these fires with 5,000 jobs lost as a result. Fires in the UK account for around £230 million loss to businesses every year and in many cases of fires that occur within the premises of privately owned businesses, the business never recovers. The issue of fire within the UK then is a very large one, with around 26,800 industrial and commercial fires attended by the fire department in the past three years. An emerging trend within these statistics is the number of significant fires in the waste treatment sector, this is because heat is produced very easily when waste is piled up and left alone. This is evident in the fact that there are around 300 significant fires at waste treatment facilities every year, these fires are often fast growing and very difficult to extinguish.
In waste treatment facilities, recycling plants and countless other industrial settings when a fire starts it is very unlikely that it will be extinguished before a vast amount of damage has been done to the building, goods, infrastructure etc. When this is the case the need to prevent a fire in the first place is paramount, one way to do this is to measure the air temperature of the site to register any subtle rise in temperature to then take action before a fire has the chance to ignite. This is when the LISTEC SEC 15 d-list heat detection cable really comes into its own, it can detect a 0.1°C change in air temperature and works from -40°C to 120°C. The cable can take readings of the air temperature every second along two 250m lengths of cable (per connector box) and the system can be programmed to pre alarm at a certain rate of rise in the ambient temperature to initially warn users of a potential issue and then a full alarm when the heat rises to critical levels. Unlike air aspirated systems LISTEC can’t get clogged up and blocked which also makes it extremely reliable and reduces the amount of maintenance that is needed. These features of the LISTEC cable, and many more, are why it is so effective against the prevention of fire, which could save lives and prevent a catastrophic loss of capital.
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Information gained from BSA and the NFCC websites.