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Low Voltage Power Cables, Aluminum and Copper conductors of voltage range:0.6/1.0 kV

Cable Types

Copper Conductor Cables
Aluminium Conductor Cables
Thermoplastic/ PVC Insulated Cables
Thermoset/XLPE Insulated Cables
Armoured/ Non – Armoured Cables

Single core cables up to and including 1000 mm2
2 core cables up to and including 95 mm2
3, 4 core & 4 core with reduced neutral cables up to and including 500 mm2

Applicable Standards

IEC 60502 (Part 1)”PVC/ XLPE insulated cables” single core /multi-core BS 5467 for XLPE insulated Armoured cables
BS 7889 for XLPE insulated single core unarmoured cables

Cables Include: