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An ASD consists of one or two independent sampling tubes with sampling apertures, and with a highly sensitive smoke sensor in each case. Airflow monitoring ensures that the sampling tubes are constantly checked for pipe breakage and the sampling apertures monitored for soiling.

A high-performance fan sucks in air from the room or facility being monitored through the sampling tube into the evaluation unit. There the air is continuously evaluated by the smoke sensors. The display and control panel of the evaluation unit indicates the smoke concentration of the sampled air, as well as other alarm, fault and status messages.

Any increase in smoke concentration levels is detected very early on. Pre-signals and one or two main alarms can be programmed, and signalled via potential-free relay contacts or directly to the SecuriLine loop.

Universal aspirating smoke detector for small monitoring areas and equipment monitoring.

Aspirating System Design
Smoke sensor High-sensitivity smoke sensor with high-power LED, LVSC smoke chamber and
patented lint filter
Monitoring area720m2
Direct integration in SecuriFire fire detection system
Yes, with XLM-35 module (alarm, pre-signal, faults, day/night sensitivity switching, reset etc.)
Smoke level indicatorno
Programming (PC tool)Not Available
Calculation of sampling pipesASD PipeFlow
ApplicationsSingle IT racks, small telecommunications containers, elevator shafts, clean rooms, false ceilings, ect.
Aspirating System Design
Supply voltage rangeEn 54 : 14.0 – 30 VDC
FM/UL : 16.4 – 27 VDC
Power consumption Typical for 24 VDC75 mA
Sampling tubes/smoke sensors1
Alarm sensitivityAlarm : 0.02 –10%/m
Pre-signal:From 0.006%/m
Alarm levels(3 pre-signals fixed in adv. 30/50/70%)
Autolearning, day/night switchingNot available
Connection to SecuriFire FACPFunctions: Alarm, pre-signal 1– 3, fault reset.
Optional modulesQuantity:2
Types:RIM 36, XLM 35
Number of sampling aperturesEN 54-20 Class A:6
EN 54-20 Class B:8
EN 54-20 Class C:12
NFPA 72 (UL/FM):12
Max Monitoring area720 m2
System limits as per EN 54-20 Class CMax. quantity Sampling apertures: 12
Max. length to last sampling point : 40m
Max. overall length for all sampling tubes: 75m
System limits without conformity to standardsMax. overall length for all sampling tubes: -
ConfigurationClose operation: BasiConfig
PC tool: -
Calculation of sampling tubesASD PipeFlow: • Full support for all product versions

• Asymmetrical configurations

• Genuine simulation, no table values
Fan/sampling systemSuction pressure:> 100 Pa
Service life (MTTF):> 80,000 h (at 40 °C)
Performance levels:1
Suction noise: < 32 dB (A)
Soundproof housing:< 20 dB (A)
Airflow monitoring1 air flow sensor
HousingEN 60529 prot. category : IP 54
Dimensions (W × H × D) : 195 × 290 × 140 mm
Cover, grey:RAL 280 70 05
Base, anthracite violet:RAL 300 20 05
Material: ABS blend, UL 94-V0
Weight (approx.):1950 g
Cable entries:3 × M20, 1 × M25

PackagingCardboard (W × H × D) :
355 × 215 × 160 mm
Operating temperature/humidity-10 – +55°C/95% RH
(amb. air max. 40 °C)
Event memory/analogue valuesOn board:1000 events
With SD Card: -

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