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Calculation software for aspirating tubes

Complex connections

To allow the use of the devices the sampling holes of a SecuriRAS ASD aspirating smoke detector must be rated in such a way that each sampling hole within the sampling pipe aspirates precisely the same quantity of air samples (balanced system principle).

The longer the sampling pipes and the more sampling holes there are, the greater the loss of pressure in the sampling pipes. That’s why sampling holes located further away from the ventilator must have a larger diameter than those placed closer to the ventilator. As the physical connections are not linear, only a precise calculation will provide the optimum result. Also, it is only by optimising all the sampling holes that the shortest possible transport time can be achieved for the air samples.

Asymmetric sampling pipes

All professional planners of sampling pipes know that up till now the design of the installation always had to be symmetrical, which is why U-, T- or H-shaped configurations were used in most cases. However, such layouts are not always the optimum solution, particularly on larger premises, and compromises sometimes had to be made due to the space needed by the sampling pipes. But now, with the new sampling pipe calculation software, asymmetrical sampling pipes can be used as well.

Potential savings of up to 20% on sampling pipes are possible compared with the more conventional planning method. The only requirement is that the sampling-hole diameters calculated using the software are observed accordingly at the implementation stage, too.

On screen data output
  • Alarm threshold required for each channel to comply with Classes A, B and C according to EN 54-20
  • Output per channel and sampling point: Transport times, suction pressure and volume rate of flow.
  • Optimised sampling hole diameter
System requirements
  • Operating system : PC with Windows XP or higher
  • Licence : Simple licence model; 30-day trial version
  • Languages (tool language) : German, English, Czech, Danish, Spanish,Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian,Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)
  • Languages (help) : German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian

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